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Packers And Movers Delhi Guide For Packing And Moving Your Kitchen Appliances

Those heavy and large kitchen appliances are not easy to move. So here are we bringing you a detail guide from Packers and Movers in Delhi, to make your residential move easy as it can be, so without wasting any time let's get started.

The case of packing and moving arise when you are taking the good if you are leaving it in the old place then there is no point so here are some point which will help you know whether to take the good or not?

  1. You recently purchase the items and it works really well.
  2. The warranty period is still on.
  3. You can't find appliances of the same time in your new home.
  4. Your rental agreement doesn't let you to leave anything.

  1. Your appliances is outdates and have technical problems.
  2. Your new home is well equipped. Also moving during peak season follow steps from Packers and Movers this guide - Some Things to Keep in Mind While Moving During Peak Season.
  3. The appliance is too big and won't match to the interior of your new home.
  4. So do nothing sell it, donate it or leave it as it is.

  • Step 1 Requirement packing material: gather bubble wrap, packing tape, furniture blanket, packing paper and appliance dolly.
  • Step 2 protect your property: beside keeping yourself safe and your appliances, when moving your heavy appliances try your best to protect the floor and property of your current home. Moving is already an expensive affair so trying your #best to avoid any extra cost. If you pack your Kitchen appliances well and cover your floor with cardboard sheets. Also read Packers and Movers in Delhi on how to protect your house property from damage.
Local Packers And Movers Delhi

How to begin the packing

1. For refrigerator:
  • After taking out all the food supplies unplug your refrigerator 48 hr before the move to defrost.
  • Remove all removable item's on your refrigerator and pack them separately.
  • Clean the inside of fridge well, don't let the moisture trap in otherwise it can damage your refrigerator.
  • Using stretch tape pack the door, to keep it shut.
  • Secure well the power code in the back.
  • Wrap several moving blanket on refrigerator body and secure it with the tape.

2. Cooking stove:
  • For discounting your cooking stove it is highly advisable to call professional for cutting the connection safely.
  • Don't trip over by tapping the power cod of your stove located in the back.
  • Clean and pack the stove and its part that can be packed separately.
  • Cover glass section and stove control knobs with bubble wrap and tie it up so it will be sturdy during transportation and pack it in #moving blanket for secondary layer and better protection and protect it's corner with the help of corner protector. Move your belongings in the guidance of experts like Local Packers and Movers Delhi and make any tricky relocation easy.

3. Washing machine, dishwasher and dryer:
  • Unplug your appliance and cut it's water supply.
  • Drain all water from hoses and make sure its totally dry, clean with clean soft cloth. If your machine have filter clean it as well
  • Wrap and pack the power code and hoses that you can't detach from machine.
  • Close the door of your washer with the help of stretch tape.
  • Detach the drum of your washing machine and for the job call appliance store or follow the manual.
  • Now at last wrap the whole body of appliance in moving blanket and again in stretch sheet and secure the end with the tape.

4. Some small kitchen appliances:
  • Before packing your appliances make sure they are dry and clean.
  • If there is any part which can detach, detach it and pack it with the main appliance.
  • If your small appliance have fragile or delicate surface or part don't forget to pack them in bubble wrap.
  • If you have it's original packing then pack them on it, with their user manual. Read Packers and Movers guide Top 9 Moving Secrets for a Successful Move and open the door for success.
  • When #packing pack the heavier item on bottom and lighter on #top.

Now time to move:

1. Refrigerator.
  1. Packing job is done now load your appliance on the moving dolly with the help of helpers and secure it with the robe.
  2. While moving and transporting try to keep your refrigerator upright and don't tilt it because it can damage the cooling mechanism.
  3. After the successful #relocation don't plug your fridge for full 3 hr so that any misguided oil can go back to it's place.

2. Cooking stove:
  1. Load your stove on moving dolly and by balancing it carefully take it to your truck.
  2. After arriving at your new home call the professional for re connecting your stove. Read #Packers and #Movers #Delhi guide and know Essential Places you need to discover just after the Move.

3. Washing machine:
  1. Help of at least 3 people shift your appliance on dolly and secure it with robe.
  2. Use your appliance again after removing the transportation rod.

If you have original packing of any of the above item then nothing can beat their safety so #pack them in it, and for extra you can wrap it in moving blanket or in stretch sheet. Also keep their manual book inside it so when you go for resembling you can do the job easily.

Sunday, 26 January 2020

How To Wrap Weird Shaped Items When Moving Entire Household Goods To A New Place?

You may see many different shaped items in your house with several designs and cut sometimes, now this become a difficult situation to pack and clean them. Packing becomes very difficult and then choosing a right box for packing and moving become more difficult as casually the box comes in square but for odd shaped or weird shaped items you need the box accordingly. Boxes are the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking of moving and packing to new place. Generally, as said boxes have a common shape – whether square or rectangle some of times and to fit your odd shape items such boxes will be difficult to hold, then what to do?

Cardboard boxes are indeed your true friend when you’re packing and moving your house. As they offer you an easy way to put the things for shipping to safely and efficiently relocate them. It convenient and cost-effective at the same time. But for odd shape objects these regular boxes do not fit well and will leave you confuse for hours to how to ensure safety during the move. And that is the reason Packers and Movers Delhi has raised this topic where we will share you how to handle such weird shape items when moving.

Wrapping odd shaped items for #moving is a great challenge that not only consumes your time and effort but also consumes your energy to run your mind in the more productive way. You need to search for some creative and effective solution to ensure safety of your irregularly shaped items during the shifting of house.

If you’re still confused how to achieve this, then the following ideas will help you to pack your oddly shaped items when moving a house – only with the #top and #professional Packers and Movers in Delhi.

Odd shaped items such as – different size and shaped showpieces, your stiff ceiling or wall lights, some unbreakable items and etc. will cover this range of odd shape items.

Local Packers And Movers Delhi

How to pack odd and weird shaped items?

Without having experience there’re many chances of lacking behind with security and safety but don’t worry even if you don’t have budget Packers and Movers in Delhi will still help you out in every stage of packing and shifting process. Make sure that you watch every carefully while every stage of the process because a little mistake can lead everything down:

Get the right and appropriate packing materials àDo not use second hand or already used products especially for the things which are very sensitive and expensive. Movers and packers Delhi advise you to use brand-new, large cardboard boxes, use plenty of bubble wraps, foam sheets, old towels, packing paper and a very strong packing tape to hold everything to layer on.

Protect the odd shaped items such a way àLook if the piece can seriously to disassemble or not if yes then do disassemble it as much as possible and which can be even assembled by you very easily. Do not forget to place cushioning inside the hollow spaces, must secure the protruding parts with bubble wrap, do wrap the entire piece with #packing paper, bubble wrap and then a foam sheet. Use packing tape to hold everything on their places.

Put the items more in large or customize boxes àInstead of trying to fit the goods Packers and Movers Rohtak suggest you to customize your box to have better protection layer. Also do not forget to fill the empty space.

How to prepare customize moving boxes?

Its very logical that when packing unusual shaped stuffs, you’ll be going to need an unusual shaped box. Now the only question is from where to get them?

Your best option is to hire the top and professional packers and movers Delhi and request them to custom your boxes. We as a top and renowned mover carries different sizes of moving boxes with hard and good quality. As we don’t know when we need them. So, to avoid the mis-happenings we do have all such things prior to our packing list.

If don’t have money to spend you can build your own customize moving box however making of odd shaped box will be overly complicated but we’re here to help you out:

  • Take two same size cardboard boxes which are half of the height of the odd shaped item, now put your packed item inside one box.
  • Definitely the top part of it will be open but that’s what we’re about to do.
  • Now the rest part of top from another box this way you’re packing the item from two sides half an half each with full protection. Also do not forget to raise the lid flaps of the box and tape it tightly so you’ve no open side phase.
Well this is just one of the customize part, now it depends what size and shape of item you’ve; call and hire the professional and experienced #Movers and #Packers in #Delhi for outstanding and safest performance in shifting and packing.

Thursday, 14 November 2019

How Can You Mould Your New Place Feel Like Your Own Home?

Find out the ways to settle your new unknown place into the most comfortable one which feels like your home. Many people like almost have some emotions connected to the place we live for a long; leaving them behind moving forward in life will be little difficult for you as a person being very emotional to the things related to you. So packers and movers in Delhi advise you to use these ways and tricks to make your new place feel like your own home.

When moving to a new place, in a completely new area and region, people seek dreams for their new place, new home and of course for new neighbours. But the conclusion seems sometimes little changed at the end because sometimes you don’t find the similar things according to your taste. In simple words, if you’re from someone whose has a personality of being choosy in terms of everything then it would be little different for you to settle fast at new place. Because you’ve no options to go and stay for a month and find out whether the place suits you or not. No one has that much of time to waste; right? And this is the reason that for the persons who are very sensitive, choosy, emotional and little different wants some time to settle and adopt the culture in their lifestyle.
Well we believe that you can easily handle with the neighbours and other lifestyle culture and working style of new place, but settling well in your new house can be little tough for you, because now the walls, doors, windows and rooms are completely changed and to make them look like your previous house will take time.

So what’s the easiest way to work on in which you can easily and fastly turn your new place which feels like your own home – Packers and Movers in Delhi will share you the tip and ways to follow to feel the old house in a new place. 

Arrange your new house to your liking

Before you step in into your house, make sure to come for a survey just to analyze that whether your large or small furniture pieces would set into the new house and room size. However you’ve fixed the place where to live in new place and housing is something which takes time to find so if you’ve found some place then stay stick to it unless you own your house or find a different rental house for you. Now before #moving make sure to stare the place and find whether your furniture pieces would sit well or not, and if not then go for another option to either sell or keep your furniture pieces #safe somewhere you feel it will be safe.

Packers And Movers Delhi

Although you all know that Packers and Movers in Delhi estimate the moving cost on the basis of distance and quantity, so if your new house has not enough space to keep the large furniture pieces then why to #pack and #move them. Instead save your money, rent our warehouse service for a long time if you’re unable to find a place to keep your stuffs safe. Also hiring warehouse for a long time saves lot money of yours as comparatively to renting the warehouse for a short time. Hire Packers and Movers in Delhi for warehouse and packing services.

Add decorations and life to blank walls

If you’ve seen the house you might notice the walls and windows of new place and you’ve create a picture in your mind how you’ll change it and decorate it with your decorating stuffs. Movers and Packers Delhi suggest you to add some decorating pieces and colors to the blank walls of your new place to make it feel good whenever you see. Look there’re lot many things to do – paints, wallpapers, wall stickers, wall furniture and etc. to decorate the blank and boring walls. But do these things only when you own the new place or just perform the things which are neutral and normal and thus can change your walls and give a nice sober touch to it.

If you own the new place, you can invest in it as the place will be yours for the time you don’t sell or rent it. So going with painting the walls or decorating with the wallpapers is an incredible idea to give a charming and attractive touch to the boring walls. But in case you’re living on rent then go for the options which are temporary and thus can give a good touch to the walls. Place frames over the walls, stick some good pieces, and decorate with the lights and stuffs which can be even removed after you left the house. So the only motive of Packers and Movers in Rohtak is to create your blank and boring walls into an amazing art pieces and making you feel like it’s your own house in a very affordable and cheapest way.

Well this is all what you need it in emergency to convert your new place feeling your own home, call the Top and Best Packers and Movers Delhi when you want to move with safety and security ensuring the budget of pockets.

Friday, 20 September 2019

Know With Us To Avert Unexpected Home Calamities When Turning To New Home

Sifting to a new home is not the end of responsibilities. Now you have to be much careful for any home accident that could happen any time. But you can prevent them by just following some simple steps.

Packers and Movers Delhi will help you out to face such situation and in effect avoiding them; as precaution is better than cure. There are a huge number of people who face home accidents because of their carelessness or sometimes unfortunate.

Also if you have children with you then it is very crucial to take care of everything so as to reduce any risks of home accidents.

How to halt electrical issues?

1. Don’t overload sockets

Many people are used to plugging so many devices in one socket which can lead to home accident as socket can’t handle too much power and as in result burst out.

Packers and Movers in Delhi suggest you cover sockets which are not in use with socket plug especially if you have small children.

Also call a professional if you witness any spark or burning smell from socket. Make sure that large appliances like refrigerator and television should have their own socket.

It is strongly discouraged to use an extension and connecting too many devices on it.

Packers And Movers Noida

2. Have your electrical wiring checked

Always keep an eye of electrical wiring regularly as most of the accidents happen because of wiring problems.

Safe and best movers and packers in Delhi suggest you to hire an electrician to check the wiring if you have never checked. Also if you see lights flickering or some outlets not working then it can be a sign of wiring disturbance so get that checked immediately.

3. Stop using appliances with frayed power cords

Using damaged power cords is a usual thing for everyone but do you know that if your power cord is damaged from the outer layer then it is also damaged from inside which can lead to sparks or current injury.

Local Packers and Movers Delhi suggest you to not use any appliance with damaged power cord and if you can’t resist using that appliance then change the power cord as soon as possible by the electrician.

Also you can fix the issue by using an electrical tape for immediate use only otherwise it is not advisable.


How to cushion kitchen accidents?

1. Don’t leave pots or pans unattended

This is the most common mistake and also the most common reason behind kitchen accidents.

Household shifting services in Delhi suggests you to always turn off the stove if you are leaving the kitchen. Do the same with microwave.

Children should never leave unattended in kitchen while you are cooking.

2. Turn handles in when cooking

This is a major reason for burns happening in the kitchen. Always make sure that your pots have that plastic coating which helps you to hold them without burning yourself.

We suggest you to never hold the container directly from the stove instead use a cloth to hold them.

3. Monitor children around hot objects

Always keep an eye on your children when they are near hot objects as it might burn them badly. Packers and Movers Noida suggest you to not allow your children inside the kitchen while you are cooking so they will make a habit to not enter inside and no accident will occur.

4. Store heavy items close to the ground

Keep your heavy containers in the ground cabinets as you will not want any one of them to fall on your head and suffer any accident.

So we suggest you to keep those heavy stuffs in ground shelves or in your store rooms.

These are some very important things to keep in mind to prevent any electrical or kitchen accidents. Local Packers and Movers Noida will also give you some short tips to prevent home accidents-
  1. Clean up the spills immediately- clean the spills like of oil, grease or anything that can catch fire easily as this will reduce the risk of accidents.
  2. Install grab bars in the shower- this is particularly for old members of your family as they are not able to stand properly and shower can be one the dangerous places where they can slip and injure themselves so installing grabs would be the best decision.
  3. Check your hot water heater- always check that the temperature of the water is not too hot as it might result in unintentional burns.
  4. Keep electronics away from water- don’t ever do such mistake as this could lead to a huge accident.
  5. Stair safety- stair is the cause of many accidents happening inside the house so always walk carefully in stairs and help the old and young children to walk through stairs safely.

Thursday, 4 July 2019

How To Parcel Your Drawers When Working For A New Apartment

Moving with drawers can raise the difficulty level in packing as drawers can be very difficult to pack in one go?

There is always a question that drawers should be packed filled or they should be emptied. Well shifting with filled drawers will somehow save your time but it will be difficult to move your furniture carefully.

Packers and Movers Delhi will help you know how to pack your drawers for moving.

Should you empty the drawers before moving furniture?

Well you don’t need to empty the drawers if the furniture has an overall good quality, good shape and can hold the weight of things filled inside it. #Local #Packers and #Movers #Delhi suggest you to carefully secure the drawers during a move.

But if your furniture is of cheap, fragile or antique, make sure to empty the drawers as it can either damage the furniture or the stuff filled in it during a move. Packers and Movers Delhi suggests you to don’t give too much stress to your old furniture as it might get damaged because of too much weight.

Can you lift and move the furniture piece?

Well it will be very difficult for you to carry the furniture pieces and load onto a moving a truck and especially if the furniture are filled with things. It may cause you harm or can result in broken furniture which will cost you more to repair them.

#Top and #Safe #Packers and #Movers #Delhi suggests you to empty the furniture if you are moving by yourself as this may be dangerous to you. Make sure to #move furniture very carefully as they are one of the #most important thing in your house.

What’s inside the drawers?

Talking about what should be packed inside the drawers, the things you choose should be light, not tend to shift easily, not easily breakable. Packers and Movers Azad Nagar Delhi suggests you to choose things wisely so as to manage everything well.

Remember don’t select things like money, jewellery, glass items as they can easily be damaged during the shift. Don’t put too small things as they can be missed in the drawer and can waste your time.

Local Packers And Movers Delhi

Movers and packers in Delhi suggests you to choose things like towels, clothes, pillows, sheets etc. as these are the best and they are light weight as well as non-breakable.

How to pack drawers for moving?

When it’s come to how to pack your drawers, it seems to be not so difficult task but if not done correctly can make you pissed off during your shift.

There are two options from which any one can be followed by you during packing your drawers and they are:
  1. First empty the entire drawers and then pack them with the perfect things as mentioned above by packers and movers Delhi.
  2. Leave the drawers as they are and secure them correctly.

Packers and movers in Delhi will explain both the points with some packing guides as well.

Empty the drawers and pack them with suitable things.

If your furniture is old, antique or your drawers contain small, fragile or precious things make sure to empty your drawers before move.

If you are moving alone don’t make the furniture heavy and keep them empty.

How to pack empty drawers for moving?

Here top and professional movers and packers Delhi will tell you some tips to pack your drawers in the best way.
  1. Line the drawers: well we suggest you to line the inside drawers with packing paper so as to add up an extra protection for your things.
  2. Empty one drawer at a time: this can be one of the most important things to take care of while emptying as if you empty more than one drawer at a time, your things can be lost around and this will waste more time.
  3. Transfer things: transfer your things into moving boxes so as to not letting them mix with other things.
  4. Pack properly: pack the things very carefully so that they just don’t get misplace during the move. As Packers and Movers Johripur Delhi always suggests you to fill the empty spaces with paper, clothes, socks or anything.
  5. Label them: after packing everything, make sure to tape them very properly and label them so as to find things easily at the new place.

We suggest you to label names on the tape so that it can be removed easily.

Leave the drawers as they are and secure them correctly:

This option can be done if your furniture is of high quality and it contains non-fragile and non-breakable items like clothing etc.

How to pack filled drawers for moving?
  1. Take each drawer out and place it carefully on the ground.
  2. Fill empty spaces with clothes and other items so as to add extra protection.
  3. Place paper sheets over the things to protect them.
  4. Wrap the open part of drawer with plastic tape wrapped in several layers.

 This way will help you to #move your drawers safely to a different place. Packers and movers Delhi suggests you to carefully #pack the drawers without any damage either to the furniture or yourself.

Saturday, 17 November 2018

Let You Be Glassy With The Terms And Conditions Packers And Movers Noida Offers For Every Shift

Though the TERMS AND CONDITIONS are mentioned in the contract paper but yet to make your easy packers and movers Noida is explaining in detail that what our Terms and Conditions consists of; rules, obligations, services, costs, responsibility and also all other factors influencing Packing and relocating task.

To be very genuine and real to this side of Packers and Movers in Noida; without any delay we would like to start this session-

Wherever you found use of words like ‘you’, ‘yours’, ‘your’- that means we are talking about you as a client. All the details mentioning with these words will be for you, regarding you in short meaning.

And wherever you find use of words like ‘we’, ‘our’, ‘us’- that simply means we are talking about Packers and Movers Noida.

So the every first thing is do not confuse in first person and second person identity. While reading the rules and conditions do not get hyper with the tenses, nouns and pronouns. We have cleared you- also read the terms carefully while noticing the tense that for what we are telling and for what sort of situation it is valid before or after.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS of Packers and Movers in Noida

When a single item is carried by Packers and Movers in Delhi- it is counted as a “Article”. For the clear vision when a single item is wrapped it is considered as an Article in our language also when two or more objects are packed in same container- that container is also counted as an “Article”.

Packers and Movers Delhi Rate List Chart

If the Terms and Conditions used the word “Company” that means it is talking about Packers and Movers Delhi to Bangalore as the company.

“Quotation” means the total package of moving and packing the customer is choosing- a contract between company and client.

“Services” are consider to the programs company is offering you and for which you’re paying like Packing, Loading, Shifting, unpacking an etc.

“Warehouse” means a storage unit where you can keep your stuffs, articles, goods in safe position and place. Warehouse has been charged by the company and for that extra cost is indulged only in condition if you use it. Else it has separate parameters of charging- basis on hours, days, weeks or even for months.

Packers and movers Noida insurance policy- Conditions apply:

Insurance has been provided only to those articles which is counted under expensive stuffs- must have cost above Rs.10,000. If we found it to be costlier then it will be granted under insurance policy otherwise not.

Also if the product is already insured by any other company then Reliable Packers and Movers in Noida do not take this under action of offering you insurance for such products which is already insured by other one for ex: car. Ask the insurance company that you’re moving what conditions they will apply for the product in the case of damage or kill.

While giving insurance to the products packers and movers in Noida capture images of before and after to make it clarify that if any damage occurs to the item; it has been done during the transportation only and the money will be pay back to you.

Insurance money will be pay back under damage, kill, scratch case to any item you have registered in insurance policy- for more ask Top Packers and Movers in Noida when we come to your location for packing and moving.

Packers and movers in Noida policy regarding cancellation or refunding back as follows:

Cancellation policy:

However if due to any reason you need to cancel your request of move placed at packers and movers in Noida; then you must be fast to this decision and cancel the contract under 24 hours: before we initially come to your location for inspection and quotation estimation.

Refund policy:

If you need to refund your money back when placed contract with Best Packers and Movers in Noida then call to the customer care of our company and you can easily refund back your amount with exact figures.

Pricing policy:

However the quotation is estimated live by the team of Movers and Packers Noida Charges- it depends on several factors like distance, volume, quantity and etc. however every quotation is remarked as genuine and right so do not worry about that

Saturday, 6 October 2018

How To Gild Your New Home Master Bedroom Within A Budget Using These Packers And Movers Delhi Tips

Moving to a bigger home and was bored or just was adjusting with your old home settings then what are you waiting for now you are moving to a big space so change the way your master bedroom looks like gild it in your way add what you like and leave your impression on it ya! #Moving to a new city is expensive job you may have to face high cost of living, #Relocation expenses and many more thing so for comfortable living you have to maintain a budget and try not to go beyond that budget line that’s why for fulfilling your wish today #Packers and #Movers #Delhi bringing a guide so you can makeover your new home master bedroom without going above your budget.

Finding a #Reliable and #Affordable #Movers is all we want when we are moving to a new place and to fulfil that wish Packers and Movers Delhi are present here, they are registered under the companies act and ranked in top 4 moving companies, they have experienced team who work efficiently and effectively using good quality Supplies and materials.Safe And Easy Movers and Packers Delhi compute moving cost on the basis of visit they do of our home, so to make it reasonable and accurate. They use latest tracking system for tracking down your shipment status and have branches all over the India which helps Top Packers and Movers Delhi to Bhubaneswar to effect successful long distance relocation.

Buy A New Bed:

Sell your old bed if it’s not in good condition and do so before you relocate is the wise option, add some more money in the proceed you got from selling old bed and get the new one. You can buy it in Delhi if you know any good place or can buy the new one after relocation don’t worry if you think finding a good furniture supplier will be tough in new city you can go online mode there are many trusted sites from where you can sell and buy new furniture, they will deliver the product to your new home door step this will also eliminate the tension of hiring auto wala and other expenses like assembling and shifting it to any floor. Also don't think for buying king size or queen size bed just go for double bed.

Packers and Movers Delhi Charges

Don’t buy new one if you think your current bed is still good just have some polish issue then you can easily remove so by re-polishing it you can do it yourself too just get the right equipment’s and some knowledge.

Buy Some Exceptional Bed sheets:

Buy some bed-sheets which go well with your bedroom like if your furniture, curtains are of brown color then go for cream or both brown and cream combination bed-sheets. For special occasion go for sheets which are sober or have some different touch and for buying normal bedsheets on #Cheap price look for teen bed-sheets you can find varieties in affordable prices.

Add Some Wall Art, Pottery And Ceramics:

Show your artistic side and hang some wall art, put some pretty vases and ceramics on your desk, nightstand etc. it can be yours if you have artistic side or can buy online within affordable rates from sites like flipkart, Amazon etc.

Furniture But On Cheap Price:

Buy a nightstand, drawer, shelf’s and desk according to your need because this will keep your things organize and your room clean. Find some good deals on sites having sale or can also go for second hand goods which are now easily available over internet too.

Get A Nice Lamp:

For your night stand get a good lamp which gives your room a good lightning touch. Ohh ya how you are thinking for saving your fragile and expensive items during tedious move, if you haven’t thought about anything then why don’t you go for transit insurance you can easily buy it from Packers And Movers in Delhi Local

Add Some Floral Touch:

Loves that gorgeous flower and its smell, then bring it up to your room get a nice vase and place your lovely flowers in them, ya you have to work on its replacement so instead of real flowers get the artificial ones which looks like real.

Check you are not running out of stationary materials like have a notebook in your desk so to not miss any important note. You have pen and enough refill, check out you have tapes, markers, stapler, stapler pins etc. in your desk.

For any query or advice in your relocation you can contact Packers and Movers Noida.
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