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Packers and Movers Delhi Moving a Leased Car Out of States? Assured you are not violating any proviso

 You just signed lease paper for your dream car, you got home and randomly while checking your mail you got another happy news a joining letter from a company where you were trying so hard to get in a cherry on cake right! But but but…..this relocation is permanent absolutely no doubt in that, then are you sure you will not violate any lease term when you move interstate, hmmm don't give a long thought let me tell you generally lessee doesn’t have legal authority to move a leased car permanently of state and if your lease term allows you then the process is bit tough it's mandatory to register it and return it when lease is up. So before you cross that state border line this is what reputable Packers and Movers Delhi would like to tell you.

Your lease proviso may not permit it.

Your lease agreement may allow you to permanently relocate your car out of state in case of shifting but not all, so it's always better to carefully examine the clause, terms and conditions related to the transfer of car out of states like you can't move the car without prior permissions for the lessor. Unless it's not your first lease or you have idea about leasing industry you will find some difficulty while understanding the whole process. Precaution is better than cure so, ask your lessor and confirm the terms and condition and obligations if you move the car out of States. You handle your lease and Packers and Movers Delhi will handle your car relocation process from Delhi.

Can I amend my lease?

Even if you can't move your car permanently, Don't worry take a chill pill.Call your lessor tell them your query that you are moving out of state and ask them to amend the lease agreement. Just do a simple thing put it in a writing and sign a amended lease with your lessor. But before you sign anything make sure you understand new terms and conditions additionally added for taking your leased car out of state. But if the case is vice versa and they don't allow you to take the car out of state, then you can discuss your option with the lessor and know more about how to break the lease so you don't call any trouble.

packers and Movers delhi

After move retitle your vehicle.

After move most states requires you to re- title your vehicle even if it's leased. Basically you don't have the ownership of the car right? Now the issue is what next to retitle it. Before you move understand your new city local titling authority requirements so you can get all the documents on your hand on time. If you lease a car from major leasing companies like Toyota and plan to move urban cities like Bangalore, the lessor is already well versed with the paperwork of re- titling the leased car. However it won't be a loss if you acknowledge yourself before hand with the requirements of moving. Packers and Movers Delhi assist in bike transportation and plant moving for interstate as well as intrastate move.

Register your vehicle.

Title shows the ownership and registration shows that you pay the state taxes and there is no pending formality for driving your car. When you retitle your car you will receive a document which shows lessor owns the vehicle and when you register it you will receive a license plate and documentation. For registration some days hardly give you 12 to 15 days so keep your documents like limited power of attorney, copy of car title, current registration, drivers license and prooftaxes of lease in new states. Also don't forget to get car insurance at your new home and driver license from new state.

Moving  a car will demand money.

Know this before - lessor won't reimburse any expenses of retitling and registration. Different state have different tax policy, some collects taxes at the start of leasing period and some during the leasing period and once you paid the tax that won't be set off against the one you have to pay according to new state policy.  Now moving with pet is easy just contact Packers and Movers near you.

You have to return the vehicle.

Check the clause in your lease agreement about the end of lease, like some wants you to return the vehicle to the location where you originally leased it, also some largecompanies have branches over the India so check your new location are one of them or not. You can also amend the lease agreement so you can return it to the closer location.

But what if lessor is not flexible, then you need to drive the car to the location or hire a car transport company like Packers and Movers near Delhi who will safely pack your vehicle and deliver it on time to the desired location.

Moving soon but have tons of pending tasks, don't worry hire competent Packers and Movers in Delhi who will tackle your moving and packing job without any negligence and make sure you receive the goods in the state you have handed them over, no matter whether it's intrastate or interstate, household or corporate move Movers and Packers team are trained in all kind of relocation services.

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Guide For Packing Up The Master Bedroom In An Organized Way

Shifting to a new home is like starting a new phase if your previous experience with old home wasn't that great then you can write this one with the thing's you felt you should have done in your previous home, many of your will be questioning that- when moving come's with lot of perks which differ for people to people, then why people still do haaaaaa! After hearing the word moving? because moving is fun and exciting but packing and moving your household goods isn't, you have to take care of lot's of thing's packing this room that room, what to do with the old sofa, seeing the new location, transferring the bank account, changing address, transfer the utilities, have to go through a things in a month which you see once in a year, but don't worry Packers and Movers in Delhi will make your this upcoming move fun by guiding you for how to pack each and every room and assisting you in your move... for today we will be guiding you on how to pack your master bedroom in an organized way.


Moving is a great way to decelerated purge all of your clothing that you no longer need. It's not easy to let go of old accessories and cloths. Wanna know what things to consider for separating what to take and what to toss, see below:-

  1. It doesn't fit
  2. It's no longer in style.
  3. It's in bad condition
  4. It's hasn't got out of your wardrobe for years.
  5. If any cloth fit into this it's time to say it goodbye, remember you can always donate or sell your good clothing.

Now you have what you want to see in your new home. Now get some moving boxes for packing your cloths, also if you can then use wardrobe boxes with hanger for safely moving your delicate and expensive dresses. Also you can use suitcase or trolley to pack up your cloths and do you know what you can use socks, towel hanky and blanket for filling a vacant space in moving box. Looking for suitable moving insurance for your goods? Then contact #Movers and #Packers in #Delhi.

Packers And Movers Delhi

Packing bedding and large Furniture

It's confusing when to pack the bedding, mattress, bed frame and several master suit item because before you move you still need sound sleep in your old home, so it's recommended to pack your bed linens a day or two before the #move in large box or waterproof bin, also don't you think before you pack your duvet covers, all sheets and blankets it's better to wash them, this way you can don't have to hassle to wash your cloths after move and can concentrate on your #unpacking.

Packing master room suit item's which involve dismantling job is not easy, so we recommend hiring some professional or you can invite your friends to for help. Wanna know how friends for help in moving read Packers and Movers guide ask. After dismantling your furniture you need to pack its small screw and parts in clear zip lock bag and for other piece you can use utility furniture pad, blankets and mattress bag. If you are going for DIY move rent moving dolly to help you safely move furniture through the house.


If you keep your valuables in your master bedroom then #transporting and packing them yourself is what we recommend, don't box up the other things with it pack your valuable safe and separately. Select a jewellery box which have compartment so while moving your jewels won't get tangle and then cover the box in plastic bag and secure it with the tape.


What you thought about #packing your bathroom, don't leave it for last. Before you begin for packing make sure your separate your essentials with the non essentials items that you will need after move. Your essential items list will have shampoo, lotion, soap, toothbrush, paste, conditions, diaper, towel, tissues and hairbrush, also while packing liquid make sure to pack them in plastic bag then in any bag so they won't spoil anything around them. Also there are certain items like aerosol spray, nail paint, deodorant and nail paint remover which can't be move in moving truck. If you are hiring Movers then it's best to get the list of things not allowable by movers in moving truck.

Rugs, mirror and lamp

Fragile item's like mirror or picture frames should be packed in corrugated cardboard box then cover it will bubble wrap and then with plastic sheet to give full security.

For rugs, roll it up and tie it, then wrap plastic sheet around it and secure it with tape, before you pack the rag make sure it's clean and dry.

For lamp remove lampshade and lamp bulb, then pack the both in bubble wrap then in box which can easily fit them and still u find some space don't worry crumble some newspaper and fill the space.

Wanna need any help in your move? Contact Packers and Movers in Delhi and get the assistance from experienced and qualified team. #Local #Packers and #Movers in #Delhi have the facility of both shared as well as personal moving Vehicle and a wide range of moving services.

Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Planning To Move Into A New Housing Development Here What You Can Expect

When I was shifting to my newly constructed home, the first thing came too me that there will be very less neighbours, as if I was going in an uninhabited planet. If I count my house fall in 10th number and it will take more years to come for completion may be 10 or 20 depends on the development plan. We all know there will be dust, dirt and noise surrounding us, but ya after a year we are far from alone and van see new house owners and new greenery. The housing prices are continued to rise and the percentage depends on the area. As we know that it can take years to complete and to look like a traditional neighbourhood. But If you are set and finalized what house you are going to buy in new housing development society than you need to check these points from Packers and Movers in Delhi guide.

For a period there will be less neighbours:

If you are thinking you gonna have some block parties some barbecue parties then you can have it but with a few neighbours who are interested, actually everyone residing there is new so there is less chance of community traditions, but if you wanna make it happen take a initiative when you interact with people you can suggest your idea and interested can start a tradition. Need some tips on what to look into your new home neighbour check #Packers and #Movers #Delhi guide.

Acquaintance with construction noises:

The construction noise is a sign of progress that one or two house is getting completed more family will join us, more greenery and the development is more closer to end, but in the process to the finish line you have see a lot, a lot of dirt, dust, loudness and then it will double if the house they are working on is near. We all know construction and new housing development go hand in hand and we pretty much aware what we are getting into while purchasing a house there.

Packers And Movers Delhi

Slow pace of town services:

One thing your builder haven’t said you before you moved in they haven’t worked out with the post office yet and wouldn't have mailbox there, likewise when it comes to some other services we are the last ones to get it like for an example in winter we are the last street to get plowed. Some of the marts and restaurant don't have home delivery service's at your area yet. As we know construction sites are mainly situated on the growing town which is little far from the main city. Before you move it's best to know what is serviceable in your area, that's certain that you have to wait for one basic services which are standard in the city or town.

Still you feel sense of community:

In every new housing development society you will find some mayor or you can say first one to move into these society and know what's going on where. When we first moved in luckily our neighbours were good and we got bonded well and our development mayor is one whom you can do any local gossips and neighbourhood growth. Looking for #safe and secure plant and pet #moving services in #Delhi call Local Packers and Movers Delhi.

Older tree is rare in new society:

The most difficult thing for me to move into housing society is unable to find any older tress, definitely a lot saplings spreading their roots but very little diversity in the landscape and no shade as no older tree is there. Depended on the tree you planted it may take decade to enjoy the mature trees benefits. But in our society we planted at least one tree in side of our main door.

Limited options in property amendment:

As builder wants to make sure the whole developments are uniform until they are completed, so when it comes to fences, exterior changes or any major chances you wanna do to your house you gave to double check. Many new housing development include pretty strict rules regarding when can home owner do their house until the site is completed. So before you move one make sure you are aware what you can do to your home, until when and will be satisfy or not. Need help in storing your goods for long period contact Movers and Packers Delhi.

Your investment will be fruitful but it will take time:

New investment have lot of potential to give a fair return on your investment,  but it will take some time. The value of the property will increase as the habitant increase and amenities increase. So if you planning to buy home in new housing development make sure you ate heading for long run or until when you can look from window you can see houses not dust, also many builders have a plan like what other developments they are looking into beside housing, it may be a mall or nearby school and all these things add value to your property.

While moving and packing your household goods for moving into new home you need any professional help call #Local #Packers and #Movers in #Delhi.

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8 Pro Tips For Keeping Your Belongings Safe During The Shower Season

Moving date is not always in our hand, you can't shift the date just because it's a rainy season, if your moving in a rainy season you know that little shower can be a big inconvenience but moving in a downpour an even bigger one, we usually recommend for avowing move in raining days but there things which we can't shift and for overpowering them we prepared some steps to make the #move in rain bit comfy and hopefully lot more dry, so shall we begin with our pro tips from Packers and Movers in Delhi for how to keep your belongings safe during the shower season.

1. Wrapping is the key:

Plastic wrap is your friend when comes to keeping your belongings safe from rain, moving blankets are not waterproof and won't be able to keep the things dry. Use plastic wrap, stretch sheet or garbage bag to cover up the items you are afraid to get wet. If your belongings are only outside from home to the moving truck and moving truck to the new home. But here your judgement skill is required for deciding what to pack and what to not. #Movers and #Packers in #Delhi have skilled team to make sure that customer’s #moving and #packing is happy as it can be.

Packers And Movers Delhi

2. Prepare a action plan:

The goal here is to plan accordingly where your goods is outside for a moment only like taking them from home and loading them in truck and so you need a plan on how you will arrange and load them go for large and heavy items first and shift them at the back of the truck bed, now go for small and medium items which will occupy the middle and front space of the truck. The better and fastly you plan on how to load your truck you will eliminate the trial and error timing and can load your goods timely without spending much time on rain, if you are hiring movers it's better to discuss the plan with them prior you begin with the #loading.

3. Arrange boxes in hallway or garage:

Whether you are home owner or tenant you don't wanna leave the mess of moving day in a old home, so for keeping the rain out of your home bring all of your packed belongings near to the loading truck which is still covered, so when movers or you are going back and forth you are not moving in all around. Garage can work well but if that's not in an option you may consider some open space before the second main door (if only it is covered) or front hall of the home.

4. Moving boxes should be sturdy:

Using moving boxes that are merely able to stand with the loading and unloading job is a very bad idea, if you saw the forecast that on moving day there is some chances of rain then use the boxes which can with stand with some shower. But there is sudden chance in weather then you don't need to panic just use good boxes and wrap the packing tape around it, of plastic wrap is not in an option. Wanna know more about how to handle summer move read Packers and Movers Delhi guide.

5. Use some tarps:

You saved your goods from water when loading but what about when are travelling in moving vehicle, what if water somehow manage to gets in then it can cause the greater damage for the goods then the shower can while loading, so use tarps artfully to a certain group of items, to save them from water damage.

6. Wipe off before you load:

Before you load the items check the truck bed is totally dry if you see any puddle clean it, keep a few towel at the truck bed so you can keep excess moisture out and it will decrease the of eater related damage. Local Packers and Movers Indraprastha Delhi help in bike moving.

7. Not only your belongings:

When comes to rain your belongings are not the only one who need protection you also should be careful while working in the shower, because the chances of slipping is high in such weather, so lay down some traps, that weak or torn out card boards boxes, rug and old mats from home to the truck path. If you divide the work like some people will handle the job of passing the box from home to door and some people will handle door to truck.

8. Unpack right away:

You can carry out unpacking job day by day according to room but if your boxes got soaked in rain, then you need to hurry, you don't know in what area water can seeped and can leave irreplaceable damage, for making sure everything is OK by #unpacking everything as soon as you can, packing right away after a tiring day makes it more gloomy but it's better to wait and ruin our goods.

In packing and unpacking if you need any professional’s helped call #PackersandMoversDelhi.

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Contactless Relocation With Packers And Movers Noida During This Pandemic COVID-19

Hire Packers and Movers Noida for a safe move

We all have never imagine this day in our lives, where such a huge and threatening virus would be over taking our lives and career so badly. A single minute was taken to shut everything and even a single decision made some of our lives worse with no more jobs.

Fighting with the financial crises and helping society to cure fast by staying at home and following the instructions for precautions you have just ignored the moment of relocating to your house. The month of April – June has been considered to be the peak relocating time because of summer breaks and a happy climate condition. Packers and Movers Noida was prepared fully in the month of march only- to serve you the best and have made a nice amount of stock of packing materials, prepared with the sanitized objects, have a full collection of hygiene products and cut down the huge team into small to follow social distancing.

In the scenario of this COVID-19 fear you would have cancelled your relocation plans for this year and trying to manage your living anyhow. But if #Movers and #Packers #Noida tell you that now packing and shifting is possible with complete hygiene and contactless what will you say?

Obviously you will feel happy to hear this news because when there is no way to relocate in Noida Packers and Movers Noida is helping you to relocate to your destination effortlessly and entirely sanitized within low quotation along with a contactless move; now what else you need to make your day more happier than this. We @ Top and Best Packers and Movers in Noida believes in giving up not taking up; and the motivate to start the job in this scenario is just to help you in taking stairs to move towards your dream. When it comes to packing and moving an unknowingly fear comes to your mind that how the movers will pack, how many days will be consumed, what will be the charges, are the movers genuine, can you trust for valuables, will they drop you on right location, are they best and top and etc. And coming such thoughts in your mind is somewhere okay to be enter because of such many fake cases happened during the shift with the name of packers and movers.

We hope you know that many companies sell duplicate products using the original brand name now whether it comes of cosmetics, shoes, accessories, bags or anything. There are many people copying the original stuffs and using the name for revenue.

But don’t worry to all the reading eyes you’re not on the duplicate website, this is the original Packers and Movers in Noida site and this is as original as your soul. We are the top and genuine movers and packers Noida serving the best quality services under a very genuine rate.

Watching the situation, we have to come across a good theme of working that’s the contactless relocation during this pandemic COVID-19.

Packers And Movers Noida

What Is Contactless Moving?

As the name suggest of contactless- the team of #Packers and #Movers in #Greater #Noida will be keeping high priority on precaution and safety and this is the reason of offering you with the contactless move. However practically thinking to this point seems little weird as without contact how we will be #packing and moving your things. But please remember with contactless move – the #safe and #best Packers and Movers Greater Noida means to say “no direct contact to the object”.

How Will Packers And Movers Noida Provide Contactless Move?

The handling and contact part will be done using a sanitized hand gloves which will be changed after every hour of the moving time. We are completely prepared for the safe move as told above; these gloves are already neutralized with no germs by keeping them in sunlight, and then they were sanitized well and finally they came for the usage. We come with a huge box of sanitizers and hand gloves and masks and everything will be changed after every hour as discussed to keep the safety of you and your family. 

How Much Time Will This Type Of Move Takes?

Well obviously when we are talking about such safer moves the time consumed is little high than the normal move. The procedure of entire #relocation will take time but again looking to your quantity of stuffs and distance of destination.

The procedure for this contactless move will be:

  1. A small team will be coming to your house door, then a quick checkup will be done of their body temperature in front of you.
  2. Once its done, the temperature will be in your notice so that you feel relax (as someone with this virus has normally high body temperature compared to normal days – because they suffer from fever, cold and coughs).
  3. They will be quickly washing their hands, sanitized it and wear new sanitized masks and gloves.
  4. Even their clothes will be changed or covered with sanitized body suits.
  5. Apart from your #moving objects our team will not touch any of your thing.
  6. As said the mask and gloves will be changed after every hour of working.

Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Packers And Movers Delhi Guide For Packing And Moving Your Kitchen Appliances

Those heavy and large kitchen appliances are not easy to move. So here are we bringing you a detail guide from Packers and Movers in Delhi, to make your residential move easy as it can be, so without wasting any time let's get started.

The case of packing and moving arise when you are taking the good if you are leaving it in the old place then there is no point so here are some point which will help you know whether to take the good or not?

  1. You recently purchase the items and it works really well.
  2. The warranty period is still on.
  3. You can't find appliances of the same time in your new home.
  4. Your rental agreement doesn't let you to leave anything.

  1. Your appliances is outdates and have technical problems.
  2. Your new home is well equipped. Also moving during peak season follow steps from Packers and Movers this guide - Some Things to Keep in Mind While Moving During Peak Season.
  3. The appliance is too big and won't match to the interior of your new home.
  4. So do nothing sell it, donate it or leave it as it is.

  • Step 1 Requirement packing material: gather bubble wrap, packing tape, furniture blanket, packing paper and appliance dolly.
  • Step 2 protect your property: beside keeping yourself safe and your appliances, when moving your heavy appliances try your best to protect the floor and property of your current home. Moving is already an expensive affair so trying your #best to avoid any extra cost. If you pack your Kitchen appliances well and cover your floor with cardboard sheets. Also read Packers and Movers in Delhi on how to protect your house property from damage.
Local Packers And Movers Delhi

How to begin the packing

1. For refrigerator:
  • After taking out all the food supplies unplug your refrigerator 48 hr before the move to defrost.
  • Remove all removable item's on your refrigerator and pack them separately.
  • Clean the inside of fridge well, don't let the moisture trap in otherwise it can damage your refrigerator.
  • Using stretch tape pack the door, to keep it shut.
  • Secure well the power code in the back.
  • Wrap several moving blanket on refrigerator body and secure it with the tape.

2. Cooking stove:
  • For discounting your cooking stove it is highly advisable to call professional for cutting the connection safely.
  • Don't trip over by tapping the power cod of your stove located in the back.
  • Clean and pack the stove and its part that can be packed separately.
  • Cover glass section and stove control knobs with bubble wrap and tie it up so it will be sturdy during transportation and pack it in #moving blanket for secondary layer and better protection and protect it's corner with the help of corner protector. Move your belongings in the guidance of experts like Local Packers and Movers Delhi and make any tricky relocation easy.

3. Washing machine, dishwasher and dryer:
  • Unplug your appliance and cut it's water supply.
  • Drain all water from hoses and make sure its totally dry, clean with clean soft cloth. If your machine have filter clean it as well
  • Wrap and pack the power code and hoses that you can't detach from machine.
  • Close the door of your washer with the help of stretch tape.
  • Detach the drum of your washing machine and for the job call appliance store or follow the manual.
  • Now at last wrap the whole body of appliance in moving blanket and again in stretch sheet and secure the end with the tape.

4. Some small kitchen appliances:
  • Before packing your appliances make sure they are dry and clean.
  • If there is any part which can detach, detach it and pack it with the main appliance.
  • If your small appliance have fragile or delicate surface or part don't forget to pack them in bubble wrap.
  • If you have it's original packing then pack them on it, with their user manual. Read Packers and Movers guide Top 9 Moving Secrets for a Successful Move and open the door for success.
  • When #packing pack the heavier item on bottom and lighter on #top.

Now time to move:

1. Refrigerator.
  1. Packing job is done now load your appliance on the moving dolly with the help of helpers and secure it with the robe.
  2. While moving and transporting try to keep your refrigerator upright and don't tilt it because it can damage the cooling mechanism.
  3. After the successful #relocation don't plug your fridge for full 3 hr so that any misguided oil can go back to it's place.

2. Cooking stove:
  1. Load your stove on moving dolly and by balancing it carefully take it to your truck.
  2. After arriving at your new home call the professional for re connecting your stove. Read #Packers and #Movers #Delhi guide and know Essential Places you need to discover just after the Move.

3. Washing machine:
  1. Help of at least 3 people shift your appliance on dolly and secure it with robe.
  2. Use your appliance again after removing the transportation rod.

If you have original packing of any of the above item then nothing can beat their safety so #pack them in it, and for extra you can wrap it in moving blanket or in stretch sheet. Also keep their manual book inside it so when you go for resembling you can do the job easily.

Sunday, 26 January 2020

How To Wrap Weird Shaped Items When Moving Entire Household Goods To A New Place?

You may see many different shaped items in your house with several designs and cut sometimes, now this become a difficult situation to pack and clean them. Packing becomes very difficult and then choosing a right box for packing and moving become more difficult as casually the box comes in square but for odd shaped or weird shaped items you need the box accordingly. Boxes are the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking of moving and packing to new place. Generally, as said boxes have a common shape – whether square or rectangle some of times and to fit your odd shape items such boxes will be difficult to hold, then what to do?

Cardboard boxes are indeed your true friend when you’re packing and moving your house. As they offer you an easy way to put the things for shipping to safely and efficiently relocate them. It convenient and cost-effective at the same time. But for odd shape objects these regular boxes do not fit well and will leave you confuse for hours to how to ensure safety during the move. And that is the reason Packers and Movers Delhi has raised this topic where we will share you how to handle such weird shape items when moving.

Wrapping odd shaped items for #moving is a great challenge that not only consumes your time and effort but also consumes your energy to run your mind in the more productive way. You need to search for some creative and effective solution to ensure safety of your irregularly shaped items during the shifting of house.

If you’re still confused how to achieve this, then the following ideas will help you to pack your oddly shaped items when moving a house – only with the #top and #professional Packers and Movers in Delhi.

Odd shaped items such as – different size and shaped showpieces, your stiff ceiling or wall lights, some unbreakable items and etc. will cover this range of odd shape items.

Local Packers And Movers Delhi

How to pack odd and weird shaped items?

Without having experience there’re many chances of lacking behind with security and safety but don’t worry even if you don’t have budget Packers and Movers in Delhi will still help you out in every stage of packing and shifting process. Make sure that you watch every carefully while every stage of the process because a little mistake can lead everything down:

Get the right and appropriate packing materials àDo not use second hand or already used products especially for the things which are very sensitive and expensive. Movers and packers Delhi advise you to use brand-new, large cardboard boxes, use plenty of bubble wraps, foam sheets, old towels, packing paper and a very strong packing tape to hold everything to layer on.

Protect the odd shaped items such a way àLook if the piece can seriously to disassemble or not if yes then do disassemble it as much as possible and which can be even assembled by you very easily. Do not forget to place cushioning inside the hollow spaces, must secure the protruding parts with bubble wrap, do wrap the entire piece with #packing paper, bubble wrap and then a foam sheet. Use packing tape to hold everything on their places.

Put the items more in large or customize boxes àInstead of trying to fit the goods Packers and Movers Rohtak suggest you to customize your box to have better protection layer. Also do not forget to fill the empty space.

How to prepare customize moving boxes?

Its very logical that when packing unusual shaped stuffs, you’ll be going to need an unusual shaped box. Now the only question is from where to get them?

Your best option is to hire the top and professional packers and movers Delhi and request them to custom your boxes. We as a top and renowned mover carries different sizes of moving boxes with hard and good quality. As we don’t know when we need them. So, to avoid the mis-happenings we do have all such things prior to our packing list.

If don’t have money to spend you can build your own customize moving box however making of odd shaped box will be overly complicated but we’re here to help you out:

  • Take two same size cardboard boxes which are half of the height of the odd shaped item, now put your packed item inside one box.
  • Definitely the top part of it will be open but that’s what we’re about to do.
  • Now the rest part of top from another box this way you’re packing the item from two sides half an half each with full protection. Also do not forget to raise the lid flaps of the box and tape it tightly so you’ve no open side phase.
Well this is just one of the customize part, now it depends what size and shape of item you’ve; call and hire the professional and experienced #Movers and #Packers in #Delhi for outstanding and safest performance in shifting and packing.
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