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10 Tips To Keep Away Nick Of Time Packers And Movers Charges In Delhi

There are many anonymous movers in the market, who #charges additional cost form their customer, by misleading them from presenting cheap prices and offers. This is happen when you off guard the relevant points to be kept in mind while choosing the Packers and Movers in Delhi, and end up in paying them high. When you hire such movers you feel relax oh! Your work is done in such a less cost but what you will end up is not exactly what you thought, so it’s better to save in real, then be misleading by them and get in their trap. Before hiring any movers in Delhi, you have to research extent of the additional #charges which can be charge by such #moving companies from you; there are some points which you #need to check carefully before hiring any if you want to save yourself from paying additional #cost.

Tips to be keep in mind for paying less

Don’t leave any chance of excuse from your side:  before agreeing to the price of your mover tells them each aspect of your house items or office items in Delhi. Make a list of items you want to relocate and show them your inventory, tell them if any stairs they have to go through, tell them how much boxes you will need for packing the all stuffs, tell them is there an elevator or not, and elevator is big enough to handle your furniture or not, ask them- how they will #pack the furniture by disassembling or in a special way?, do any of the item need special handling? Are you carrying your #packing on your own or you need their help? Clear them before what list of servicing you are availing form movers.

Movers And Packers Delhi

#Packers and #Movers #Delhi are the old pro in the field of relocating in Delhi; they lend various kind of relocation services from #packaging to the rearranging and #unpacking. You have an option to take the whole service or part of them. They also lend insurance service to their customer. There cost is based on the quantity and quality of customer’s goods they believe in maintaining healthy customer relationship, that’s why they won’t believe in charging any unnecessary cost form their customer, they are also known as #cheap and #best Packers and Movers in Delhi.

Book parking space in time: to avoid any last minute additional cost already decide the parking space for the moving truck, if there is no space in front of your house. Because if there is any delay or they have to do more #loading work then they can charge high.

Vacant the drawers, cabinet and shelf: #most of the packers and movers won’t move the drawer and cabinet who are not vacant, and also if packers find there are still some items, that are to be packed then there is a chance they can charge for extra time and packing material.

Avoid extra stops and already bring the necessary items before the movers arrive: try not to make the stop, and prepare with the items you may need already in time because the more you delay the more they will charge.

Already clear them out with the destination: mainly they use GPS system, but its good if you give them clear instruction of direction, additional time spend on finding your new home can add more cost, so clear them out before.

Last minute haul: double check the items you wanna take and you wanna leave before the arriving of movers and also check everything is #pack, because any last minute haul can give them chance to add additional charges and by chance any small item is leftover, load that item yourself in truck.

Book the elevator and check the time you need: book the elevator and parking space for a time period you need, there are some rules and regulation of every apartment so make sure you are following that too, so to avoid any delay and last minute additional charges.

Travel fee: if you are moving locally in Delhi than most of the movers in Delhi charge travel fee from their office to your address. The usual charge is one extra hour or more.

Extra charges for bulky and heavy items: if your good seems heavier than it will give them another excuse to charge extra from you, if the item is hard to #transport like piano etc. then it take more time to move, which lead to high cost, you can decrease so by using crane for lifting.

Storing cost: storage cost is normally included in your estimated cost, free storage period is only for 30 days, and if you exceed the period then you will charge additionally.

For more details you can contact Packers and Movers Delhi for assisting you in your relocation in Delhi.

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