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Packers And Movers Delhi Guide For Packing And Moving Your Kitchen Appliances

Those heavy and large kitchen appliances are not easy to move. So here are we bringing you a detail guide from Packers and Movers in Delhi, to make your residential move easy as it can be, so without wasting any time let's get started.

The case of packing and moving arise when you are taking the good if you are leaving it in the old place then there is no point so here are some point which will help you know whether to take the good or not?

  1. You recently purchase the items and it works really well.
  2. The warranty period is still on.
  3. You can't find appliances of the same time in your new home.
  4. Your rental agreement doesn't let you to leave anything.

  1. Your appliances is outdates and have technical problems.
  2. Your new home is well equipped. Also moving during peak season follow steps from Packers and Movers this guide - Some Things to Keep in Mind While Moving During Peak Season.
  3. The appliance is too big and won't match to the interior of your new home.
  4. So do nothing sell it, donate it or leave it as it is.

  • Step 1 Requirement packing material: gather bubble wrap, packing tape, furniture blanket, packing paper and appliance dolly.
  • Step 2 protect your property: beside keeping yourself safe and your appliances, when moving your heavy appliances try your best to protect the floor and property of your current home. Moving is already an expensive affair so trying your #best to avoid any extra cost. If you pack your Kitchen appliances well and cover your floor with cardboard sheets. Also read Packers and Movers in Delhi on how to protect your house property from damage.
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How to begin the packing

1. For refrigerator:
  • After taking out all the food supplies unplug your refrigerator 48 hr before the move to defrost.
  • Remove all removable item's on your refrigerator and pack them separately.
  • Clean the inside of fridge well, don't let the moisture trap in otherwise it can damage your refrigerator.
  • Using stretch tape pack the door, to keep it shut.
  • Secure well the power code in the back.
  • Wrap several moving blanket on refrigerator body and secure it with the tape.

2. Cooking stove:
  • For discounting your cooking stove it is highly advisable to call professional for cutting the connection safely.
  • Don't trip over by tapping the power cod of your stove located in the back.
  • Clean and pack the stove and its part that can be packed separately.
  • Cover glass section and stove control knobs with bubble wrap and tie it up so it will be sturdy during transportation and pack it in #moving blanket for secondary layer and better protection and protect it's corner with the help of corner protector. Move your belongings in the guidance of experts like Local Packers and Movers Delhi and make any tricky relocation easy.

3. Washing machine, dishwasher and dryer:
  • Unplug your appliance and cut it's water supply.
  • Drain all water from hoses and make sure its totally dry, clean with clean soft cloth. If your machine have filter clean it as well
  • Wrap and pack the power code and hoses that you can't detach from machine.
  • Close the door of your washer with the help of stretch tape.
  • Detach the drum of your washing machine and for the job call appliance store or follow the manual.
  • Now at last wrap the whole body of appliance in moving blanket and again in stretch sheet and secure the end with the tape.

4. Some small kitchen appliances:
  • Before packing your appliances make sure they are dry and clean.
  • If there is any part which can detach, detach it and pack it with the main appliance.
  • If your small appliance have fragile or delicate surface or part don't forget to pack them in bubble wrap.
  • If you have it's original packing then pack them on it, with their user manual. Read Packers and Movers guide Top 9 Moving Secrets for a Successful Move and open the door for success.
  • When #packing pack the heavier item on bottom and lighter on #top.

Now time to move:

1. Refrigerator.
  1. Packing job is done now load your appliance on the moving dolly with the help of helpers and secure it with the robe.
  2. While moving and transporting try to keep your refrigerator upright and don't tilt it because it can damage the cooling mechanism.
  3. After the successful #relocation don't plug your fridge for full 3 hr so that any misguided oil can go back to it's place.

2. Cooking stove:
  1. Load your stove on moving dolly and by balancing it carefully take it to your truck.
  2. After arriving at your new home call the professional for re connecting your stove. Read #Packers and #Movers #Delhi guide and know Essential Places you need to discover just after the Move.

3. Washing machine:
  1. Help of at least 3 people shift your appliance on dolly and secure it with robe.
  2. Use your appliance again after removing the transportation rod.

If you have original packing of any of the above item then nothing can beat their safety so #pack them in it, and for extra you can wrap it in moving blanket or in stretch sheet. Also keep their manual book inside it so when you go for resembling you can do the job easily.

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